Join With Us

I picked up The Feeling‘s new album ‘Join with Us’ a couple of weeks ago, and it’s been looping pretty much ever since. I adored their first album1, and its final track “Blue Piccadilly” is my 2nd all-time-most-played song, according to iTunes. I’m happy to say I like their second just as much – it’s happy, fun and eminently sing-along-able. iTunes says my most played track is “Don’t Make Me Sad“, although the endearingly bonkers “Turn It Up” is close behind. Highly recommended by me.

There’s one caveat: I have heard complaints over the compressed nature of the sound. I’m not particularly sensitive to that kind of thing, but can pick up on it at times. My computer and car speakers aren’t all that great to begin with, so it’s not too annoying, but it could be a problem on a better system – just thought I’d mention it.

  1. currently £5.49 on iTunes []