The universe may be trying to tell me something

I’ve made some silly mistakes when ordering stuff over the Internet, but this afternoon I messed up in a frankly ridiculous manner.

I was ordering some gear from eBuyer, and paying through Google Checkout. I’ve done this plenty of times before, but was particularly excited as I’m finally, finally replacing my never-worked-since-I-got-them motherboard and CPU. My final kit selection had been worked on for days, and I’d checked the cart many times to ensure I’d added the correct items. I knew that if the order went through smoothly they’d be posted for next-day-delivery, which, being an impatient sort of chap, I wanted. So I completed the process and eBuyer confirmed they were waiting for Google to authorise payment. Google emailed me five minutes later to say my credit card had been declined and the order had been suspended.

Damn. I assumed the transaction was hitting not-usual-spending-pattern security flags, so the thing to do was phone my bank – Smile. I needed to fix the problem then tell GC to re-check my card, so I brought up GC’s transaction page. I grabbed the phone and tried to look up smile’s customer service number, but their help pages were down for maintenance, although I could still log into my account. I switched back to GC while searching the back of my credit card for hints, and in the process somehow dropped the phone.

It hit the keyboard, specifically the Enter key, thereby selecting whatever was focussed on-screen, which happened to be the ‘Cancel Order’ button.

Quite impressive, really. GC and eBuyer both emailed within seconds to confirm the cancellation and tell me not to worry – there was no way I’d be charged or the order would be retained. And that was that. Obviously it’s no big deal, but the elegance and speed of the operation were dazzling.

I ordered again, using a different credit card, and GC + eBuyer paused just long enough to make me think I’d confused the hell out of the system, but eventually accepted the order. It’s now with City Link and should be arrive tomorrow, although I’m a little concerned the fates may be against me.