Either that was an earthquake, or something very violent and very quiet happened very close by…My first-floor flat rattled for a good few seconds.

IM indicates it was felt in Oxford too. Stratford to Oxford is, what, 50 miles? Must have been a pretty big one, in UK terms anyway.

Update: tracking this on Twitter. It was felt in Lincolnshire, Cambridge, London, Manchester…that’s amazingly widespread, isn’t it?

Twitter went nuts. BBC News had a breaking news marquee after about 10mins, News 24 took about 20mins. The second ‘most read’ page on the BBC site is about a 2007 Manchester earthquake – that was quick.

Update 2: “England earthquake God’s punishment for Richard Dawkins’, says random twitter 🙂

Update 3: Sky News wants to know how scared the children were. They’re very earnest about it. I’m going to bed.