Single lens reflexes

I was wandering around central London with a camera last Thursday, and took this in Trafalgar Square:

I like the shapes, but the end result isn’t particularly special. It could do with some light on the foreground, um, baby column bollard things.

Now, lesser photographers would have whipped out an off-camera flash. Perhaps using a wireless setup, they would have placed the flash to the right and experimented with exposure until they achieved something respectable. Wusses.

Proper photographers have no need of such machinations. Having trained their reflexes for literally years, they simply set their shutter speed to 1/25 of a second, then press the shutter at exactly the same time as a passing tourist takes a snapshot:

No need for all that faffing. Sure, the light’s a weird colour and the picture still isn’t all that, but come on – that’s artistry, that is.