Six weeks of jiving

The six-week jive course finished this evening. It started off with 15-20 couples, but by today’s lesson was down to 6. This surprised me. We’ve been to similar classes for Argentine Tango and American Smooth and had the same thing happen, but they were both listed as for ‘beginners’. It’s not too odd that people would drop out of a beginners class, but the jive was ‘intermediate’ so you’d think experienced people would know what to expect…

Having said that, I found it tough. I failed spectacularly during the first week as the slower version of the dance confused the hell out of me, but I eventually figured out how it worked, and by the 3rd week it was coming naturally. We learnt a new, more difficult, step each week, and I struggled more than I expected. I think this is because I’m used to finding the jive easy – the moves we’ve learnt over the last few years are now so familiar that I don’t have to concentrate much. The short course threw a lot of new information at me in a short space of time, which came as more of a shock than I anticipated. This is definitely a good thing! I’ve been complacent in improving my jive, so a bit of shock therapy was definitely needed. The course culminated in a mental frenzy of spin that’ll look great if we can remember it at the next public dance.

The aforementioned Tango and Smooth classes were great, but we’ve forgotten the moves in the year since the course. I’m writing out the jive steps in language my teacher would balk at – spinny bit step-step underarm whoosh – so hopefully we’ll remember this one.