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Colour problem #1 – fixed!

In the comments of yesterday’s post Ben asked whether any other 400D owners had run the calibration process. I hadn’t thought of that. I’d searched for Lightroom ‘presets’ that fixed the colours and come up empty, but it didn’t occur to me to check for raw results of the ACR calibration script. A bit of googling and I found this post, in which a wedding photographer lists the results of his 400d calibration. I copied the settings into Lightroom and there was an immediate improvement. It was a touch too saturated for my tastes, but a quick fix later and I’ve got something that’s great. It’s not quite perfect – I imagine the values change based on individual cameras and specific colour temperatures – but easily good enough for the meantime. I’m happy. Thanks, Ben!


  1. …eagerly awaiting colour problem #2!

  2. A simple effective solution nice one!

  3. Visiting London is so damn complicated now, compared to when I lived there, what with Oyster cards, congestion charge and everything. Its not that I mind the cost (although I do) I just don’t understand it all…

    I’m going up on Wednesday to spend the day around town and still internally debating whether to get a travelcard and then feel obliged to go to lots of places to make it worthwhile or just hang around my old haunts of Westminster, Waterloo, Tate Modern, etc. which are all reachable on foot or by the ‘proper’ trains.

  4. Cool… how did my comment on one post end up on a different one? But while I am here: I was thinking about getting a 400D, or at least thinking about thinking about getting one – but all that sounds more complicated even than railway fare structures.

  5. Hmmm, not sure about that. Shall try to move it. If that’s possible.

    I love my 400D :-) Don’t let this put you off. All the colour problems only come into play if you use RAW images rather than JPEGs, and tbh there’s little reason to do that unless you’re a control-freak like me :-)

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