Intermediate jiving

We went to an intermediate jive class on Monday. It wasn’t our usual venue, but I admit to being fairly confident about my ability to keep up, as the jive has generally come fairly naturally over the past few years.


They used a different timing. Where we go quick-and-quick quick-and-quick quick quick, they go slow slow quick quick. It was like a different bloody dance. Lynsey adapted without a problem. I was pitiful.

The thing about getting to an intermediate dancing level is that you begin to do things automatically: muscle memory takes over and you can even forget what comes next then find yourself doing it anyway. This leaves you free to concentrate on arm movements etc.. Which is what we did. Except I couldn’t concentrate on steps and arms simultaneously. I got a bit pissed off before realising this was pathetic. Sorry, Lynsey!

I’ve been practicing around the kitchen. Don’t want to make a fool of myself again next week. The bright side is I won six lessons for me and a partner in a competition last year, so it’s not costing us anything.

Meanwhile, here is what jive looks like done properly:

See look, they go quick-and-quick quick-and-quick quick quick.