No government support for abolishing blasphemy laws


The government will oppose a move by MPs to abolish the law on blasphemy, Downing Street has said.

A spokesman said ministers wanted to consult the Anglican community further before supporting such a change.

Yeah, ask them. They’ll be unbiased about it, seeing as it gives them special protection and all. What’s ‘the Anglican community’, anyway? Bishops? Some kind of pew-leaflet referendum?

Lots of Christians have supported the move, but some haven’t:

Don Horrocks, of the Evangelical Alliance, agreed that there was “no real argument” for retaining the law, saying: “Everybody knows it’s not really going to be used again.”

But he warned that changing the legislation could “send out a signal” that “gratuitous abuse and offence” is acceptable.

Blasphemy isn’t ‘abuse’, the ‘offence’ is entirely in your head, and it won’t do any such thing, so shut up1.

I can only imagine the government is worrying about offending religious people. As ever, playing the offence card seems to work every time. There’s a law against blasphemy. A law. How is this not a no-brainer?

  1. in training to be a lobbyist, me []