Successful day

Writing project finished! First draft, anyway. Thank goodness. I agreed to do this work a few months ago, but haven’t, and the guilt level has been rising and rising ever since, to the extent that I’ve regularly denied myself the chance to do fun but pointless things on the basis that I should be doing something more important. Hate that. Don’t know why I can’t just get on and complete these things, given that I’m not genuinely not lazy or scared of work, rather than letting them rise into mountains of worry in my head. Trouble is, my happy relaxed mode has kicked in this evening, when I could really have done with it two weeks ago. Ah well, the relief outweighs that minor annoyance.

Speaking of entertaining but pointless pastimes, I had a chance to properly get my teeth into Guitar Hero this evening. The easy skill level is generally appropriately described. Medium is challenging, and where I spent most of the night. Hard is chaotic, but I can see how it’d be possible with practice. Extreme is utter insanity, and nobody in their right mind should even think about attempting it. Still stupidly fun. It is a good job I don’t have it at my flat, or it would suck up hours.