2007 Review

So. 2007. Pretty good, overall. Particularly memorable moments for me:

  • After an early-morning phone call, nonchalantly driving to the hospital where my sister was due to give birth. I had books and food to share with my father, assuming we’d be in for the long haul. In fact Aimee was born ten minutes after I arrived.
  • Meeting Abi.
  • Feeling completely bloody stupid at a university interview.
  • Walking into the first day at said university, as terrified as I’ve ever been.
  • Trying not to shake as I photographed a friend’s wedding ceremony and reception.
  • Walking around Stratford in the snow, and building Boris.
  • A bad week in June.
  • Photographing a couple dancing in Stratford’s floods – this shot became my most popular photo on flickr.
  • Putting everything on hold to read Harry Potter 7 spoiler-free.
  • Asking Neil Gaiman to sign a book on photographic theory.
  • Finally, finally nailing the foxtrot at my dance group’s Christmas Ball.
  • Keeping friends and family up until all hours on a Sunday night by making them perform various ridiculous acts to create a bonkers photo.


  • Get more organised. All my free time is now completely taken up with photography, dancing, guitar and blogging – I’m pretty much running at full capacity. I don’t mind this at all, but a bit more organisation would be a very good idea.
  • Practice the guitar more, as I’ve been slack for a few months.

Thanks to everybody who’s read / commented on / linked to my blog this year, and particular thanks must go to Damian for his hard work deflecting massive spam attacks.

Numerologically speaking, 2008 feels boring. Eight is definitely the least interesting of digits. Still, I won’t hold that against the next twelve months, especially as there are important things like a new Indiana Jones film to look forward to. Bring it on.