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Robin Hood Season 2 Finale

Watching Robin Hood is a bit like going to the panto and finding everyone on stage taking it seriously. Last year’s season finale was a bit bonkers, and yesterday’s more of the same.

I missed the first half hour, but I think this was the basic plot: the Sheriff of Nottingham and Guy of Gisborne head off to the Holy Land to kill King Richard. As you do. They take Marian, recently exposed as an ally of Robin, with them for no particular reason. Robin and Men follow, determined to thwart said scheme.

So, machinations lead to Robin, King Richard (sans any kind of bodyguard), Marian and Men wandering about in the desert. Robin does a completely rubbish job of strategising a coherent plan, and they all end up running around a bizarrely deserted village, which culminates in the Sheriff of Nottingham firing an arrow into King Richard’s back1. Oh dear.

King Richard then loses consciousness and falls off his horse in the deserted town square. The Sheriff somehow isn’t around so Guy of Gisborne is the man on hand to finally finish off the King. Will he do it? He’s been having crises of conscience all series – which path will he choose? Up turns Marian, who stands between him and the King in Heroic Fashion. She knows Robin and the other superheroes are around somewhere, so all she needs to do is keep him talking for a few seconds.

Obviously, this is a stressful situation. If I’d been Marian, though, I think I’d have gone with ‘Guy, I love you and if you don’t kill the King I’ll marry you’ as opposed to ‘I’m in love with your sworn enemy and am going to marry him, you moron, yah boo sucks to you’. The former might help, since he clearly fancies you2, while the latter might, say, get you stabbed in the chest. I actually wasn’t expecting that.

Everyone else turns up half a second later. Guy and the Sheriff give up on trying to get at the still-unconscious-and-exposed King Richard – if only they had some kind of weapon that worked from a distance – and instead elect to escape on magic horses. All King Richard’s injuries are instantly cured by removing the arrow, so he’s back to full health, but Marian dies in Robin’s arms. It was actually a little bit sad, mainly because Marian’s one of the few you can bring yourself to care about. After that two more cast members announce they’re leaving, there’re some obligatory Koran references, King Richard doesn’t send word to have the Sheriff killed or anything, Robin looks even more depressed than usual, and they walk off into the desert. The end.

In the 1980s ITV ‘Robin of Sherwood’ the original Robin died heroically and was replaced. I think they should have stolen this plotline. Kill off Robin, ’cause he’s annoying, and have Guy, the most watchable character by a million miles, switch allegiances and become the new Robin Hood. His first act would be to fire Little John for being overexcitable, and Much for being a waste of space. Sorted.

Apparently Series 3 is in production. Yikes.

  1. the Sheriff’s one-liner? “Long live the King? No.”. Dearie me. []
  2. also has the advantage of ending up with Guy over Robin. I am a heterosexual man, but come on []


  1. I,too, couldn’t quite believe the way that they pull an arrow out of King Richard and he pops up as good as new whereas Marian expires the moment that a sword is removed from her! But then I couldn’t believe quite a few things in this lame and disappointing series finale. Initially, I couldn’t believe that Marian was dead – again – and thought that Season Three would show her magically restored to health – again – but then they went and buried her! Perhaps in Series Three it will be revealed that it wasn’t Marian who went to the Holy Land with Notty and Gis but her hitherto unseen twin sister who conveniently switched with her at the last minute. Or perhaps Robin will wake up one morning, find Marian lathering herself in the shower and realise that it was all a horrible dream. My money’s on the second one, because of all the characters you could have killed off, surely Marian should have been at the bottom of the list? She has always been vital to the legend. Is Robin now going to be allocated some fresh totty, or will he simply have a different girl in every episode?

    I also find it hard to imagine anything more ludicrous than the mawkish, tacked-on romance between Will Scarlett and token Muslim Djaq (a.k.a. Goofy and Sufi). It was only 3 or 4 episodes ago that she was pining over the defection of Allan A Dale and begging Robin not to kill him. And in the Lardner episode where she and Silly Willy are getting honey from the village, she rides off leaving him at the mercy of Guy’s men (and the threat of being hung) without a backwards glance. Plus, she displays little concern at his continued absence from the camp while she composes a message to the King for the carrier pigeon and, when he finally does return, breezily informs him that she thought he’d been captured. Then, all of a sudden, he’s the love of her life and they’re settling down to a life of bliss in the Holy Land. Yeh, right.

    I’m not really sure where Season Three is going to go now that Marian has died (for real?) and he has lost two members of his band. Plus, surely Guy will kill himself in a fit of remorse? I was surprised that Marian mocked him at the end, because I was starting to believe that she had developed a genuine fondness for him and wasn’t just faking anymore.

    For me, the current series finale struck a sour and unnecessarily tragic note, because I’d always found the show to be a bit tongue-in-cheek, more than a little panto and frequently hilarious (whether intentional or not). I think it would have been a great idea for Guy to take over as the “new” Robin and then Jonas Armstrong could have joined the cast of Corrie or Emmerdale, where he’s much better suited.

  2. Don’t think it was all that bad…

    …was entertaining at least.

  3. well i was rather too much disappointed with the finale so much so that it took away much of the liking i had developed for ‘ROBIN HOOD’ by once again making marian betray the poor loyal guy…altogether forgetting what the observers had been made to believe about the marian/guy relationship all through the previous episodes. guy deserved marian more than robin hood cos he has been defending her despite being the bad person he was, has been attempting to turn out good…compared to mr. robin hood who is would always get things right n is always successful!!!

    the finale started against my expectations 1)when guy told the sheriff that marian was the nightwatchman (how on earth was the sheriff to discover it that he feared or what difference it made to remove sheriff’s doubt of guy’s loyalty to him in fact wasn’t the doubt confirmed by his telling this), 2)when guy refused to kill the sheriff ‘altogether’, 3)when marian started tying the knot in the desert n 4)when above all guy killed her n easily ran away…means like if they did show few of his tears or remorse, he recovered out of them pretty soon to run off with the sheriff n not even look back!!!

    robin is no comparison to the feelings guy raises among the audience for his role n himself :p

  4. Ok, so Merian is dead. What’s going to happen next. Have the Sheriff plea for forgiveness from King Richard and have Robin die from falling out of a tree? I mean come on people! Lame ending

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