New Toy

Everybody have a fun Christmas? Hope so. I have so far watched rather a lot of television and eaten rather a lot of chocolate, which is what Christmas is for, I say. I’ve also been merrily playing with a shiny new Canon 400D since Tuesday. It’s smaller, lighter, faster and a higher quality than my old 300D, and talks very nicely with my Canon flash.

I has wisdom

It also came came with an Image Stabilising lens, something I’ve been after for years, which lets me take photos at shutter speeds as slow as 1/10 second without noticeable camera-shake. The whole package is excellent – I love it. Should be great for the digital photography module next term.

My cold never really went away, probably due to my ignoring it and not slowing down in the slightest, and came back with a vengeance on Tuesday evening. Lemsip hasn’t phased the thing in a week, but today it finally started having an effect, thank goodness. Haven’t slept very well since the weekend before last, so it’ll be nice to actually get some rest.