Yay Alesha!

Definitely the closest final yet. I thought they were neck and neck after the first half, so it was really down to the show dances. Matt’s was probably technically better, but it just didn’t do much for me – the style of the music and costume was good, but it didn’t have the extra spectacle I wanted from a show dance. Alesha’s was, to be fair, a little messy once or twice1, and I suspect the final lift went wrong, but I still preferred the powerful performance and style overall. It’s just a shame she didn’t completely blow everybody away with a Darren & Lilia / Mark & Karen style final dance, though, and I’m sure she could have. I can see how you could argue the other way based on tonight’s show only, but imho there’s no doubt that talent-wise Alesha was the fair winner.

No more proper Strictly for 9 months. What am I going to talk to people about now?!

Update: I take it back. Just watched the show dances again (shut up) and Alesha’s messiness was mostly camera angles – what looked like an imbalance was just the supporting arm while the other was hidden from view (directing such things must be a nightmare). Not spot-on perfect, but better than I thought; still not sure about the final lift though. Somebody pointed out that Matt didn’t move much in his, which is true but a bit mean – he was still pretty damn sharp. Would that I were that good. Am in the mood for dancing now. Shame it’s 2320.

  1. although the camera angle can trick you in this regard – I didn’t think the earlier ballroom dances were shown to their best effect []