The Golden Compass

*spoiler alert*

*for the film and the book*

*all of the book*

Dudes, what happened? Obviously you forgot to film the scene where Lyra ran across the ice bridge. There she was in the middle, then suddenly she was on safe ground. Fair enough. Mistakes happen. But the entire ending?!

The finale of Northern Lights is one of my favourite literary scenes. The aurora borealis break open and Lyra walks into the sky. It’s beautiful. I wasn’t expecting that the image in my head would be fully realised – such a thing is obviously impossible – but some realisation at all would have been appreciated. It is rather the crux of the story, a wonderful cliffhanger and an extremely important moment in Lyra’s character development. She leads Roger to his death – the final words of the film directly refer to this: “I’m taking him what he wants.” You can’t just bolt this onto The Subtle Knife as a minor plot-twist. It’ll be like the kid dying at the beginning of Alien 3 – you completely betray the previous film. And it’s just so great – I honestly can’t understand the motiviation for ditching it.

There was lots I didn’t like much. I am now going to mention some of those things. Gyptians don’t live on the sea – that’s stupid. And gyroscopes don’t power cars. Well done for making Pan annoying, too, and giving him a similar voice to Lyra was really helpful. (I am currently mentioning some of the things I didn’t like about the film). And I never need to hear the words ‘Iorek Byrnson’ ever again. But removing the ending? Just don’t understand it. I would just like to spell out that this paragraph contains some of my criticisms, because apparently it is important to be clear at the expense of all surprise, tension and wonder.

Having said all that, the Magisterium/Catholic Church link wasn’t exactly subtle, was it? I haven’t read the book recently, but I’m pretty sure that was toned up. What was it Derek Jacobi said? ‘Freethinkers are evil’? Also, Lee Scoresby was cool and should have his own film.

An ok first draft, but I want to see the final version please.