It’s what deadlines are for

My big university project due date is tomo…today, and it’s just about finished. Which you’d obviously expect, but it was a close thing. Despite being determined not to leave things until the last minute I left uni just before 2200 today, and while I’m not happy with the standard of my ‘workbook’ – supposedly a chronicle of my project’s development, but actually a hastily assembled collection of scraps – the images themselves have turned out ok. It’ll be a hell of a relief to get it all handed in.

We got our first essay back last week, and somehow I managed to pull off a 73/80. I did choose the english lit. style ‘compare and contrast’ question, mind – played to my strengths a bit, there. I don’t think this project will do so well due to the low standard of accompanying materials (to say nothing of the images themselves), but I’ve learnt that workbooks are actually cool and not just a chore, so I’ll definitely assemble one properly next term.

This time tomorrow it might actually feel quite Christmassy.