Alesha’s Viennese Waltz

I’ve been watching Strictly for four years, and despite dancing myself I’ve rarely been particularly emotionally affected by routines on the show. Sure, I’ve really liked some and disliked others, but there’ve only been two that have sent shivers down my spine. One I was in the audience for: Mark and Karen’s salsa from last series. The second was their Argentine Tango a few weeks later. But nothing else really got to me until today. Gethin’s jive came close, but Alesha and Matt’s Viennese Waltz was just astonishing:

If you don’t want to watch the preamble you can start playing, then pause and skip to 1:40ish once it’s downloaded.

YouTube mangles the quality somewhat, but the essence is there. I’ve seen it a few times now, and it’s got me each time. Here’s Gethin’s jive, for good measure (skip to about 2:30):