Heroes Finale

Spoilers ahead…

Not bad. In all the commotion I didn’t predict Nathan saving the day, and Claire + Peter + Matt continued to be very watchable. And Shaft was in it! The Petrelli/Sylar fight was a bit of an anti-climax, mind – he couldn’t do better than punch him? I didn’t know how it was all going to get resolved, though, and I liked the hints of a larger supervillain.

It’s a weird show. There’s a decent story there, but for me it gets smudged by silly plot points. I’ve no problem with suspending disbelief for things like massive discrepancies in voting numbers, or using the human genome project to track people – it’s the inconsistent smaller details I don’t like. It’s been the same all season, but to take just the two finale episodes – why would Sylar just allow himself to be stabbed? “You shoot me, she dies”? How come Peter happens not to be able to control this particular power? Why does Hiro run away from archers? Didn’t the explosion originally happen during the day? Why would Nicky/Jessica get involved in the fight? Why didn’t Claire attempt to shoot Peter in the back of the head? Why doesn’t he just fly off, rather than taking out the entire city? I can forgive the pseudo-evolutionary babble and the occasional dodgy actor, but it’s the little things that get me – it would only take a moment to fix them, and it’s so frustrating!

I don’t know. Maybe all shows have similar problems and it’s just that Heroes never properly clicked with me. Still, it’s kept me interested for six months, which is pretty good going. Hopefully season two will improve. I hope Parkman isn’t dead, I liked him. Sylar too.

You know what’s back soon? Torchwood 🙂