Laugh at the racists

I can see both sides of the Griffin/Irving freedom-of-speech debate, but I’m leaning towards the Oxford Student Union’s view. Giving cretins a platform doesn’t inherently grant them legitimacy, and the only people who’ll think it does are those who were fans in the first place. The media hyperbole seems to be badly thought through, too – isn’t getting all hot under the collar about it playing into their hands even more? The appropriate reaction is not bluster and disgust, but ridicule. It’s great that these two tossers are being given a stage where we can laugh at them so easily. Just say ‘these two have the critical reasoning skills of a dead sheep, and let’s all enjoy watching the Student Union rip them to shreds’. Assuming they do, of course – I don’t see any problem with inviting mental people to speak, but there’s no excuse for not calling them out on their pathetic arguments while you’ve got them.