Year 25 project: halfway point

It’s half a year since I began my Year 25 project, in which I take a picture every day and add it to a Flickr set. I’ve only once forgotten, but as luck would have it I’d taken one accidentally – albeit the most boring one ever – so haven’t yet had to invoke Mork.

It took me a while to get into the habit of taking a shot during ‘normal’ days in which nothing special was happening – I’d usually remember in the evening and try to find something relevant. I’ve become better at this, partly through conditioning and partly through recently acquiring a second-hand Nokia N91 with a 2 megapixel camera. It’s not great quality, but is a huge step up from my old phone, and it’s certainly good enough for quick snapshots when my proper camera isn’t around. Having said that, there’ve been occasions where using my SLR would only have taken an extra 15 seconds and I haven’t bothered, so that’s a disadvantage.

I like the challenge, and it’s certainly prompted me to try out different techniques and styles. My main aim for the next six months is to be braver when it comes to photographing people – I regularly meet interesting people and think “they’d make a good subject for today’s picture” but am too timid to ask permission. Must try harder.

Incidentally, this also means it’s only 6 months till my birthday. Just so you know.