Very very very important minutiae

I’m writing the first essay of my course at the moment, and taking completely out-of-proportion exception to the guidance. We have to write references in a specific format: name of author, title in italics, name of editor, etc.. But they’re not friendly about it. This is ‘the only format that will be accepted1.This is compulsory.‘ ‘Please note that no other referencing format is acceptable, and marks will be deducted for improper format!!2.

They’ve managed to say it so often, and in such shouty, patronising, terms, that my no, piss off reaction has kicked in. Obviously a consistent referencing format is convenient for the lecturers, but it is, after all, completely arbitrary and they should stop pretending like it actually matters for anyone but them. Or just ask nicely.

Ok, pointless strop over. Back to work.

  1. Westminster University guidelines for essay writing. Unknown author. []
  2. I am going to deduct marks for using two exclamation marks []