Project 80% complete

Yesterday’s trip to uni was successful, thankfully, and my last-minute project is now mostly printed. I’m at the stage where, if disaster struck, I could hand in the work so far and it would be marginally acceptable.

I ran into a slight problem when the university cash machine was broken, and the media store only took cash. Well, they also took cheques, but given that it’s no longer 1974 I didn’t have a cheque book on me. I can understand their reluctance to take credit cards with their associated surcharges, but they could just add the fees onto the total price – if they explain the situation I can’t see anybody minding.

In the end I managed to get most things done with the paper I had, but a very kind person offered to lend me the money if necessary, which was great. I’m going in tomorrow – nothing like leaving things until the last minute – to print one more image then mount them all (never done this before), and then I should be ready to hand in on Friday. This will be a massive relief; on Saturday night I am so hitting the toffee apples.