Religious objections to cervical cancer vaccinations

I’ve been away from the news today so haven’t seen the coverage of the cervical cancer vaccine. I remember that similar proposals caused something of a fuss in the US, and I’m wondering whether the UK media gave the nutters any airtime. The main BBC News article doesn’t even mention them, which is cool. The health Q&A mentions them briefly, but it’s only a dumb Have Your Say question that really raises the issue. Quite glad I didn’t listen to Jeremy Vine today, though.

There are probably some anti-vaccination nutters out there, but I’m specifically thinking of the extreme religious variety:

Some Christian groups have expressed unease, concerned that the jab may encourage promiscuity.

Colin Hart, Director of The Christian Institute, said the way to tackle the problem was not to offer injections, but to tell girls not to have under-age sex.

Because cervical cancer is god’s way of punishing women for having under-age sex. Or over-age sex, for that matter. I’m sure they could pick up an STD from their husband, if he’d had extra-marital sex, but presumably it’s still up to the women to suffer, as ever. What a vile little shit these people worship.

Obviously it’s not all Christians and is limited to an extreme fringe. But it’s still astonishing to me that anybody could fall for a belief system which requires them to publicly suggest they would prefer to see women have underage sex and get cancer than them have underage sex and not get cancer. How do you break your brain that much?