Free podcast of degree-level photography lectures

While looking for history of photography resources earlier today I found this site:

This podcast is recorded during class lectures for History of Photography, Photo 1105 at College of DuPage. The podcasts are intended as review for students in the class, but thousands of people around the world have found them useful to their education as photographers.

I was then mildly disappointed to discover that the podcast has a video component, which wouldn’t be supported by my iPod even if it were working, and either way I wouldn’t be able to listen to it while driving. About half a second later I vowed to brain myself with a saucepan at the next available opportunity: if I want audio-only explanations of topics, I should perhaps have chosen a degree less inherently visual. Doofus.

Moving on, the video podcast is actually rather impressive: you can skip through the slides using Quicktime’s controls, rather than playing a guessing game with the slider, and it’s synced up with the appropriate audio from the lecture. I confess I haven’t watched it all yet, but it seems like a cool resource, and it’s wonderful that the College of DuPage in Illinois is releasing it for free.