First non-positive feedback on Amazon

We lost our 100% positive rating on Amazon today, after getting ‘neutral’ feedback from somebody unhappy with the condition of a book. The comment said something along the lines of ‘I was hoping for a better condition, but maybe given its age this was too optimistic’. It’s tricky as the book was a (used) 20-year-old hardcover in good condition for its age, but obviously less so compared to anything you’d find in Waterstones. Amazon aren’t entirely clear on whether age should be taken into account in grading, so it’s a little ambiguous.

Unfortunately our 30-day rating is now 93%, as we’ve only sold 14 books in the last month, and our overall rating is 98%. Hmph. I refunded her 50% in the hope she might change the feedback, but no such luck – she replied saying the money didn’t matter, and she was mainly annoyed because she thought she’d got a bargain. Grrrrr.