Back in action

Right. I think I’m back. For good this time.

For the last year, if not more, I’ve been plagued by mysql dropouts. I tried disabling themes and plugins, but nothing made any difference so I assumed it was my old hosts – Textdrive. Unfortunately the problems recurred after moving to my new hosting with Damian, and he worked waaaaaaay harder than one would reasonably expect of one’s webhost to track down and fix the problem.

It turned out to be something in the WordPress database itself. The mysql server would sporadically go mental with hits to the wp_options table, to the extent that it brought down the entire system. I’m not sure whether this was the result of some broken plugin hooks or just corruption (can you export/import corrupted tables?), but whatever the cause, rebuilding the database from scratch and re-importing posts/comments seems to have solved the problem.


RSS feeds will probably go mental as a result of manually re-importing posts from the last week – sorry about that – and I think the database of ‘subscribe to comments’ has gone away, but neither are anything I’m too worried about. I’m back on rather than due to redirects having fights, but that’s no big deal – I’ll have to get over my irrational hatred of the www, though šŸ™‚

‘Into the past’ is broken currently as I’m scared of pages that make massive database queries – hopefully it’ll be back at some point. Other than that, please let me know if anything seems awry…