Inheritance tax muppetry

I’m going to hope the Labour Party were planning inheritance tax cuts before the Tories made their announcements, but, still, that’s some pretty dire PR work. Geez. I could care less about election timetables, but this is just depressing. Talk about squandering your public support.

Seriously, inheritance tax cuts? I was under the impression we on the left weren’t keen on people getting money they haven’t worked for without some kind of tax. Of course the Tories think the opposite – that’s why they’re Conservatives! Why not emphasise this? And why not use stamp duty instead? People couldn’t afford mortgages until their mid-thirties before the market went tits-up – it’d be a great way to appeal to younger voters on an issue that doesn’t seem to have any particular basis in the Labour ethos1. What a cock up.

  1. does it? []