Strictly #1

The Sunday results show for Strictly is a bit odd, given the BBC’s recent pronouncements on not misleading the audience. It’s clearly filmed on the Saturday night as the audience is the same, and although Bruce and Tess are careful not to say anything about being ‘live’, they work hard to give the impression it’s another day. Strange. It’s also odd for the audience and cast to know the result 24hrs before the rest of the country – surely any of them could leak it? The various TV gossip sites will surely get hold of it early. I’m not convinced it’ll last.

I introduced Abi to the show and thankfully she enjoyed it 🙂 Good job, since between it and It Takes Two there’ll be Strictly every single day between now and Christmas! She found Bruce a little irritating, and I was trying to convey how his on-screen personality is part of a greater whole that’s more dedicated to entertaining the studio audience, and actually he’s far more likeable once you’ve seen that. It’s tricky to explain unless you’ve been there, though. 

Shame about Brian and Karen being voted out so early. He was probably one of the weaker dancers, but definitely had the look and I’m sure would have improved significantly. Oh well, it’ll please the various Karen-haters who surprised the hell out of me last season. She’s still the best, though 🙂

I thought Kenny was a bit miserable and not really into the spirit of the thing, but the other guys were all likeable. Fun as they were, though, they couldn’t hold a handle to the girls. Even with only a group routine they completely stole the show. Blimey. Next week should be great.