Initial Monsterpodding

The Monsterpod is a camera mount with a base of weird orange goop that can stick rigidly to most non-fabric surfaces. I was given one for my birthday, but it’s been sitting in a corner for a couple of months as my DSLR is unfortunately too heavy for it. I realised today that my new flash is not, so figured I’d give it a try:


I’m sure this will come in handy at some point 🙂 Sticking it to the door and running across the room to grab my camera was one scary, scary moment, mind.

Attached to the base is an el-cheapo Gadget Infinity wireless trigger V2, which arrived this morning. Initial indications are that it works very well. I’m hoping to have more time to play with it over the next few days; I want to write a proper review, as the 430ex flashgun caused particular problems with the V1s and plenty have been asking about the new version.