Strictly Come Dancing tickets now available by lottery

2008 Update: Googlers searching for tickets should head over to the only official source, the BBC Tickets website. It’s a random draw, and entries must be placed by Sunday 7th September. Good luck!

Being rather a fan of Strictly Come Dancing, I last year spent three hours on the phone in an ultimately successful attempt to get tickets, and a fine evening was had by all. Ten months later and the new series is rapidly approaching.

I didn’t mention at the time – on the off (and possibly paranoid) chance that it affected my application – that I found a way to cheat manipulate the phone system. I was dialling once every five seconds, averaging one connected call every forty minutes. Once through, a menu system told me to ‘press 1 to be put through to an operative’. This I did, and I’d promptly get cut off. After a couple of hours they’d fixed this problem, and five minutes of waiting resulted in a message saying ‘our phone lines are busy, please try again later, or press 2 to hear about other bbc shows’. The thing was, pressing 2 didn’t provide more information, it sent me back to the first option, where I could press 1 to be put through to an operative. Having actually managed to get through I was loathe to disconnect, so I looped the menu systems continually and eventually got lucky. I felt kinda bad about fudging the system in this way, even if I didn’t really do anything wrong.

Regardless of the rights and wrongs of last year, I wasn’t relishing the prospect of trying again, especially as it feels a little unfair to go two years in a row when other fans would love the opportunity. Thankfully, the BBC emailed today to say this series’ tickets will be allocated by a lottery, which everybody has until 18th September to enter. This is much fairer. Apply here here (link corrected) if you’re interested…

Only a month until the new series starts! Very very exciting 🙂