The Bourne Ultimatum

I saw The Bourne Ultimatum this evening. After really enjoying ‘Identity’ but getting rather bored in ‘Supremacy’, I had a fun time in the third. Plenty of well-crafted and inventive action scenes, plus the sheer class of Joan Allen to raise everything up a notch 🙂 The sound also impressed me – the combination of clear, vicious effects with the loose, chaotic camerawork made for some brutal fight scenes, and I thought the music was particularly atmospheric. Sure, the film was full of less-than-plausible ideas – this is the nature of spy thrillers. Nevertheless, one scene went too far:

There is no way the CIA use Norton Internet Security.

There should have been a scene where they missed capturing Bourne by twenty seconds after their computers locked up for no apparent reason. I wonder how much money changed hands over that little plug.