Connection problems

I’ve had connection problems for the last couple of days. My router never reports any disconnects, but things will Just Stop for twenty seconds or so if a page has more than a couple of pictures on it. I’ve tried turning down Firefox’s maximum connections, but it’s hard to know whether it’s made a difference. It’s a tricky one to debug, but I suspect that my router, never very splendid in the first place, is on its way to the big electronics dump in the sky1. Which is good, because I’ve been wanting an excuse to replace it.

In vaguely related news, my website reliability has plummeted recently. Textdrive’s mysql servers seem to have issues. I’ve heard very good things about Positive Internet, but unfortunately they won’t respond to emails asking whether it’s possible to pay monthly rather than in one annual sum. Gah.

  1. which I imagine being much like Robots []