I wish they’d broken in through the windscreen

My insurance documents are unambiguous: if I claim for a new non-windscreen, I lose my no-claims discount. This being worth more than the cost of a new window, it’s not worth claiming for.

We’ll gloss over how completely stupid this system is.

I rang around for replacement quotes this morning. After various deep-memory recalls of the phonetic alphabet, as well as a few weird questions – I have no clue whether my Micra is ‘the new shape’ – I had estimates ranging from £115 – £250. But two separate people told me I should double-check with my insurance company, as these things are usually a) covered and b) have a smaller excess. I could really do with not paying £115 at the moment, but unfortunately Swiftcover don’t want to talk to me. Their helpline is ‘experiencing unusually high call volumes’ and recommends I email. Which I’ve done. Bit like I did yesterday. Ho hum.

Update: Sorted. To their credit, Swiftcover did get back to my email in under two hours, with exactly the information I needed. £65 + 1 year suspension of the NCD and it’ll be fixed tomorrow. Yay!