Somebody broke into my car this morning

They smashed the passenger window to steal the suction cup that holds my satnav, so are likely dining out on the 50p they reaped from that little gem. The glove compartment was open and I assume they were looking for the satnav itself, which was in the house with me. I’d always assumed “don’t leave the holder visible” was rampant paranoia, but maybe not.

I was parked outside Abi’s house in Nottingham, and was about to head home when I spotted glass bloody everywhere. According to helpful neighbours it must have happened between 1000 and 1300. Unfortunately I’d just posted her keys back through the letterbox, so sat on her doorstep with my low-on-battery mobile phone and a notebook. I wasn’t sure of the procedure in such situations so phoned home for advice. Dad said to contact the police first, so I got the nearest station details from 118118 and phoned in an incident report. I didn’t think anything had been stolen, but later phoned back to report the suction cup thingy in case the insurance required it, at which point they upgraded me from ‘criminal damage’ to ‘theft’. Feel a bit guilty about that; not all that bothered about my gps holder.

I drove back to my parents’ in Solihull, feeling very very glad it was a warm summer day, and spent a couple of hours pulling glass out of crannies and waiting for the insurance company to phone back. Which never happened. Well, they were cheap.

I taped a large cardboard square over the gap and was happy with the results until my sister pointed out that driving home might be a little dangerous. The wing mirror, I asked? No, she said, not being able to see anything to your left. Fair point. I can’t be bothered faffing around and getting cold, so I’ll stay here tonight and chase up Swiftcover tomorrow.

Being male and 24, there’s not a chance the repair costs will exceed my excess. Anybody have any tips for cheap window replacement?

Happily, I’m not all that bothered. It’s a fuss, but these things happen to cars and I’ve never been terribly attached to them. I’d be annoyed if I’d left something in the car, but thankfully I didn’t. The only time I was bothered was directly after discovering it, when I worried they might still be around and about to mug me for the satnav swinging from my wrist. There were enough people about that this didn’t last long, though.

One weird thing: they must have seen the “Doctor Who – Voyage of the Damned” audiobook in the glove compartment, yet inexplicably it wasn’t taken. Odd.