Don’t like cats or bunnies; do like Russell Brand

Is ok – I haven’t been taken out by hitbunnies. A cat did sneak into my parents’ house and try to eat my pet cockatiel, however. I rushed into the conservatory and it was sitting on the patio, giving me a look that said “Nerve. I has it”. Cats are clearly in league with bunnies. Doesn’t surprise me.

I have been listening to Russell Brand while drinking full-sugar coke. Communication of any form is possibly unwise.

Mr Brand is quite funny. I didn’t know. I’d never really seen or heard him until he compered at Live Earth, where he kept making me laugh. I think it’s his florid way with words. Abi and I giggled involuntarily after he described Spinal Tap as ‘meddling with guitars’, while the audience around us sat in stony silence. Strange. I put his Radio 2 show on this evening whilst continuing on The Computer Upgrades That Wouldn’t Die1, and was immediately endeared to it when RB called his producer a ‘solipsistic git’ for only bringing one tea-bag. He also interviewed a representative of Finland’s Moominworld theme park, calling her ‘mooninland lady’ for the entire conversation. Made me smile, anyway.

Never really saw many Moomins. Are they like bleached Smurfs? Not that I saw Smurfs either. Ok, this is now less blogging and more just putting off washing up.

  1. sorry to Scrabulous partners – this has caused me to neglect you over the last couple of days []