Woah, Heroes got better! I thought it was ok before, if you ignored the dialogue and tried not to see what was coming, but I was mildly disappointed. I knew it to be too universally loved by Firefly / Lost fans to be lightly written off, though, and I was prepared to stick with it. The overall idea was interesting, and hey – New York and superheroes are two of my favourite things! Happily, it didn’t take long.

Even before the credits the third episode was snappier, with much more interesting dialogue, and it turned out to be have been written by comics giant Jeph Loeb. He tore through the characters, making me actually care about them, while fixing plot lines and fleshing out the background. Much better. I think the ubiquitous comparisons with Lost are a bit dodgy – yes, it follows a disparate group of characters, but it’s far less subtle and enigmatic. Which isn’t a criticism; I like the mixture of drama and comic-book verve1. Great stuff, I’ll look forward to this one.

Anyone else think the congressional candidate is a young Scott Bakula? It’s uncanny!

  1. the men are a mixture of geek and buff-but-quiet-guys, while the women are all unequivocal goddesses – just like comics! []