The Poddington Peas have a posse

I have for over a week been meaning to start a Poddington Peas fan group on Facebook. Well, mainly for fans of the theme tune, which went like this:

Down at the bottom of the garden,
Among the birds and the beas,
A little lot of little people,
They call the Poddington Peas.

There’s Cree-pea, Black Eye Pea and Dum-pea.
Keep it a secret now please.
There’s Zip-pea, Hap-pea and there’s Sweet-pea.
And all the Poddington Peas!

The Poddington Peas!

This morning I went to set it up, and it turns out there are thirteen Poddington Peas fan groups on Facebook already. Thirteen. I had not anticipated this. It did, however, lead me to a surprisingly in-depth ‘Which Poddington Pea are you?’ quiz. I am P.C. Pod. Also: The Poddington Peas in 3D.

So much Poddington Pea-related excitement, so little time. Bravestarr, The Family Ness and Bucky O’Hare next, I think.