Warwick Castle ticket prices

I’m not normally one to complain about ticket prices – it’s a free market and things will always be more expensive than you expect, and it’s not something I can be bothered getting worked up about. That said, Abi and I went to Warwick Castle today, where a single adult ticket costs £17.95. £17.95!! That’s plus £3 for parking, £2.95 for a guide to the castle (you get a leaflet map for ‘free’), and an unknown extra charge for the non-permanent exhibitions. And then the weather was so bad they cancelled the jousting and trebuchet demonstrations. That’s just crazy money. A theme park, sure, but a castle? Thankfully we had a buy-one-get-one-free offer; I think we’d have balked otherwise. As it was, the rain was so heavy that we left after a couple of hours.