Fire in the hole

I like interesting street entertainers, and two years ago heard about these guys:

Fire in the Butt!

Now that is what you call entertainment! I’ve been wanting to see them ever since.

I have shown this image to many people as a clear example of high-level street entertainment savantage. Your I-can-stand-still-for-ages statues probably bow reflexively, if they know their place. Strangely, most recipients cannot fathom why I would possibly want to see a live performance of two upside-down men clenching sparklers between their buttocks. I don’t understand: why would anybody not want to see such a thing? It makes no sense.

They’re called Skate Naked, and perform in Stratford occasionally. On Saturday I missed them by minutes, only turning up as they were collecting money:

Firebutt street entertainers

Dammit. One day.