Translations of Doctor Who criticism

Via Lisa, fan-style comments on Doctor Who and their translations:

“Hollywood-style sentimentality.”
A positive portrayal of human nature. Please note that if everybody dies in a massive bloodbath, I shall not be complaining about “shallow Hollywood-style cynicism.”  

“Doctor Who used to be scary!”
I’m completely unable to assimilate the fact that the sort of reaction which led me to sleep with the lights on for a fortnight when I was five cannot possibly be replicated when I’m forty.

“Why does RTD have to put something camp in every episode?”
I am worried that people at work might think that because I am a Doctor Who fan, I am also gay. Which I’m not.

“Catherine Tate? I shall boycott Season Four.”
Catherine Tate? Excellent! I shall watch all of Season Four with preconceived ideas and then come onto Outpost Gallifrey each Saturday night during the Spring of 2008 and tell everybody who is interested – and anybody who isn’t, for that matter – how much I disliked it. How it was “wretched”, “childish”, “embarrassing”, “cringeworthy”, full of RTD’s “Gay Agenda” and how he and Catherine Tate have, personally, “raped my childhood”. And then I’ll feel much better.

Pretty accurate, I’d say 🙂