Tony Blair’s final PMQs

Applause and a standing ovation at the end of the final PMQs – both fully justified if you ask me. There were no snarky comments or hurling of insults at the other parties; it was dignified and impressive. I think I saw David Cameron waving his arm to demand his party rise, which is cool.

I don’t know enough to comment properly on Tony Blair’s politics – others Bloggers4Labour will no doubt do a great job – but I agreed with him more than I didn’t. BBC2 cut away during the final thirty seconds of the speech, which was annoying as hell, but once I saw it I thought the final tribute to politics was worthy and well spoken. I think only Bill Clinton compares when it comes to gravitas, or quality of leadership.

Having said all that, it’s always embarrassing watching the House of Commons in action. I don’t care if it’s century-old tradition – the roars, cheers and boos are just pathetic, and I cringe every time. Not, however, quite so stupid as anti-war protesters. What kind of moron thinks yelling ‘war criminal’ from the gates of Downing Street is a clever thing to do?

Gordon Brown will no doubt bring interesting change. Exciting times.