Off for a week in the Lake District

I’m away for a week from tonight, so blogging will be light. Abi and I are heading to the Lake District. I admit it always rains in the Lakes, but this is just silly.

We booked through, which was rubbish. After finally deciding on a place to stay, I went through the order process and had £35 of travel insurance added to my basket. This was ‘optional’ yet unremovable. We didn’t want to miss out on the booking, so completed payment and Abi phoned the next day to remove the insurance. They told her the order hadn’t been processed yet, as Internet orders always take 2-3 days to go through. Confused, Abi asked what would happen if somebody tried to book by phone in the meantime. She was told all phone orders are processed and confirmed immediately. So she placed the order by phone instead, resisting the hard sell on travel insurance. She then had to chase for a confirmation email, which was missing after being sent to ‘abigale’, despite having had the name spelt out to them.

Their website appears to be completely different now, so maybe they realised the error of their ways. Still, I won’t be using them again.

I’m heading up to Nottingham this evening, then we’ll drive over to the Lakes first thing tomorrow. Have fun without me. I’ll buy you some Kendal Mint Cake.