Weekend reading

My to-read pile is teetering perilously. It’s all because of Neal Stephenson’s excellent but enormous Quicksilver, which I’m now into the third month of reading. It’s the first in a trilogy of similarly-sized titles, too. I’m going away this afternoon, and taking it, Fragile Things, Scott McCloud’s amazing Understanding Comics, and the latest Steampunk magazine. Waiting at home are many books borrowed, stolen and given as birthday presents. It’s all good, I just want to read them right now.

This afternoon I’m heading to a dancing weekend in Symonds Yat, and on Saturday we’ll pop over to the nearby Hay Festival. I’ve just discovered that Neil Gaiman is going to be around, so might have to leave a Sandman graphic novel in the car just in case he’s signing. Incidentally, I’ve decided it’s stupid to wait until I can afford pristine new copies of the Sandman books – what do I want to do, read the story or look at the shininess on the shelf? – so am bidding for the cheapest, most battered eBay copies, as well as finding out which ones my local library can supply.

Best get packing. The last two dance weekends have seen me running around like a chickenless head after unexpected events ate up my morning, and I’m hoping for this to be slightly more relaxed…I fully expect a computer crisis to develop in the next half hour. We’ll see.