Three-and-a-bit Interesting Thursday Things

Via BA, a scale image of all known planetary bodies with a diameter of over 200 miles. It’s fascinating. I knew there were moons larger than Mercury, but Ganymede’s not all that much smaller than Mars. I’d be annoyed if I were that big and still called a moon.

In 1986, in a remote area of Cameroon, 1800 people in a circle of 12-mile radius abruptly fell over and died. Scientists investigated, and after a year’s research realised measures were needed to prevent it happening again. Neatorama has the full story.

And, why eBooks are better than, er, Books, when it comes to bathtime. Read the various bookshop blogs and you’d think eBooks were the worst idea since marmite, but I’m happy to discover there are blogs who think otherwise. Andrew Marr, too. Booksquare – it of the wonderful header illustration – thinks the iPhone might be a major step forward