Computer not broken

That went smoothly. Weird. I expect something to catch fire any moment. I struggled to remove the ninja, but my only real mistake was somehow downloading the latest 300mb AutoPatcher in Polish. Whoops. Once the main programs are up and running I’ll plug in the webcam / card reader and leave the computer running overnight. If it’s still going in the morning I shall perform the happy happy dance of the geek. Napoleon Dynamite has nothing on me.

After the initial Windows setup I installed Kubuntu to a separate partition, and the first thing I did was go into System Settings and configure the monitor and resolution. It asked for a restart, then came back with mangled fonts and a completely broken interface – anything I tried to open crashed immediately, including System Settings. I booted with the ‘recovery’ option and ended up at a prompt, which isn’t much use for novices like me. So that was a short-lived experiment. I’m sure it’s worth persevering with, but if the supposedly most user-friendly Linux distro ever is this persnickety I might wait a few more years.