Putting a portfolio together via the wonder of web-based print services

I’m slowly putting together a portfolio for Wednesday’s interview. The guidelines recommend some images form a project/series, and I was struggling with this until Lynsey reminded me of my A-Level coursework. It was all hand-printed in a darkroom, and I think its lack of binary content resulted in my forgetting it existed! My Dad dug the large boards out of a cupboard this afternoon, and upon inspection it’ll do nicely1. I’ve chosen 24 of my favourite digital images that look good on-screen and I think will look ok printed. I only need 10, but I don’t want to risk choosing something that turns out to have less impact on paper. Unfortunately my printer is broken, and given the little time remaining I’ve ordered 10×8 enlargements of each. I’m wincing at the expense, but I want to have an impressive a portfolio as possible. I’ll pick the best ten prints, and put the rest on my walls 🙂

I’m impressed with the speed of delivery: Snapfish.co.uk allow you to pick up prints from a local Jessops, and claim that an order placed at 2330 on a Sunday evening will be available to collect at 1000 on Monday morning. Pretty swish, if true. The Express service takes the cost of each print from £1.20 to £1.40, which isn’t all that excessive.

  1. Ben – you are once again a star 🙂 []