Portfolio completed. Yay!

My pictures were indeed ready to pick up at 1000, and upon getting them home I realised my mistake. Genius Boy here ordered 10×8 prints of 3:2 ratio photographs, and the default setting is apparently to zoom-and-crop rather than add borders. This wasn’t a total disaster: there were a couple of fortuitous crops that looked as good as (ok, maybe better than) the original image, and I could use them all to choose my final selection. I needed six 12×8 prints, and headed down to Jessops for their 1hr service.

It turns out that web-based printing is far, far, cheaper than in-store printing. The 10×8 prints were £1.40 each. The 12x8s £5.99! Six 12x8s cost more than twenty-four 10x8s! The online service doesn’t offer 12×8, unfortunately, or I’d have saved money by waiting until tomorrow morning. I reluctantly placed the order, mentally kicking myself in the head, and started looking for an appropriate display book. I finally found something in the local stationery store: an A3 ringbound book with black, thick paper.

Gluing the photographs in place took five hours – I’ve no clue how – and is now, thank goodness, complete. I’m already second-guessing myself over image choices (I like the energy of this one very much, but it’s actually out-of-focus…argh!) but it’s too late now. Tomorrow I have to fill in the likely-to-sap-time questionnaire, then get to Harrow for 1030 Wednesday morning.
I haven’t actually minded putting the portfolio together – it’s been good fun, in a hassled sort of way – but next time, should there be one, I’m choosing the pictures immediately and having them printed into a book by Lulu / Qoop / Photobox. Far less hassle, better quality, and much cheaper!