‘Grindhouse’ won’t be ‘Grindhouse’ in the UK

Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez just released their movie ‘Grindhouse’ in the US. It’s a double-bill, one movie by each director, bookended by (some fictional) trailers for other genre films, and is a deliberate homage to ‘grindhouse’ cinemas which used to show ‘back-to-back films exploiting violence, sex and other extreme subject matter’. The trailer is cool as hell, and the setup sounds like it would be a great experience. Unfortunately the movie apparently tanked in the US, so the two films will be released separately in the UK in a transparent (and understandable, to be fair) attempt to recoup profits. Shame 🙁 However, since the films likely won’t make it over here until September, it’s entirely possible there’ll be a feature-packed US DVD release beforehand. Might have to import that. Via Binary Bonsai.