Those dogs are angry! Robin must have done something here!

Regular readers will know that I, entirely correctly, consider Superman to be fundamentally superior to Batman. But the distinction is minor. It’s like Galaxy vs. Dairy Milk1, Ninjas vs. Pirates2 or Diane vs. Rebecca3. I would be happy with either one4. Film-wise, however, Batman has the edge. I don’t think there’s any live-action Superman that’s properly captured the character, but Batman has come close: a 2003 fan-film produced possibly the greatest live-action Batman ever.

Today we have this. Batman: Defenders of the Night. It is brilliant. It tells the story of Batman and Robin’s first caper. The Riddler is in it. And Villain With A Stick. And some Random Dudes. All of whom look like they’re having great fun, and it makes for a very entertaining few minutes. The blog has an appropriate commentary. Found via BoingBoing.

The sequel is possibly superior. Robin steals a dog – you’ve never seen anything like it.

  1. Dairy Milk []
  2. Pirates []
  3. Rebecca. No, Diane. No… []
  4. note that He-Man vs. the Transformers is not included – everybody knows the Power of Grayskull would kick metallic ass. This is a sore point that some deniers, against all logic and science, refuse to accept. []