The Soil Association says organic food is healthier if we ‘go on feelings’ above science

We’ve had various discussions on organic food here, and the BBC today has a short article looking at the evidence for industry claims. It pretty much comes to the same conclusions: ‘organic’ is a wide-ranging term that can’t be easily summed up, but plenty of the claims are dubious at best. One part is particularly telling. The British Nutrition Foundation studied the topic and came to the conclusion that there is not enough evidence to claim organic food is healthier. The Food Standards Agency agree. Yet here’s the official response:

But science alone cannot prove the point, says Lord Peter Melchett, a director of the Soil Association, who believes consumers must trust their instincts.

“Science doesn’t tell us the answers so some of it we have to go on feelings,” he says.

Yes, it’s out of context. But still, that’s a hell of a thing to say when simultaneously marketing organic food as being the healthier option.