Flickr Carousels, and the House on the Rock

world's largest carouselI’ve always thought carousels are cool. I have various shots of carousels from around the world, and was about to start a new Flickr group to celebrate them when I found an established one. It has over 1200 pictures. It is Good Times.

This lead me on to looking at images from the House on the Rock, a Wisconsin tourist attraction that has one of the world’s largest carousels – horseless, with 20,000 lights and 269 handcrafted carousel animals – and plenty more besides. I’m particularly intrigued by the:

200-foot sea creature engaged in a struggle involving an enormous octopus and whaling expedition. The sea creature is longer than the Statue of Liberty is tall. Over 200 museum-sized model ships are on display in the nautical building, along with an enormous collection of scrimshaw

The ‘museum’ was featured in American Gods, in the appendix of which Neil Gaiman says:

Most people think I made it up, whereas in actual fact I just toned it down a bit so people would believe it. Because being a real place it has no obligation to be likely. So I left out the 120 piece robot orchestra and other stuff.

It’s on my list of places to go.

In vaguely related things, there is a circus in Solihull. I am excited.